Patricia Rucker


PO Box 507
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425



Leglesative Address:
State Capitol, Room W-223
1900 Kanawha Blvd., East
Charleston, WV 25305-0800


Thank you for your amazing support. We were successful because of you. I am looking forward to working with everyone to realize West Virginia's potential and the potential of each West Virginian.


Let’s Save Our Kids

The scourge of drugs is something we need to urgently address.  It is a problem that is reaching epidemic proportions in our local communities. Drug addiction destroys lives – the lives of our young people – and does tremendous damage to families.  Drug addiction is a multi-faceted problem. While I do not advocate for the legalization of drugs, I do believe that we need to do all that we can to avoid making criminals of our young people. Incarcerating young people for drug possession has


Endorsed by the National Rifle Association

I am very pleased to announce that I've been endorsed by the National Rifle Association. Furthermore, the NRA has graded my opponent with an "F" -- their lowest rating. After looking at Delegate Skinner's voting record they have concluded that he does not support our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. You can depend on me to defend our Constitutional Rights.


State Senate Race named one of top 16 in the country

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                  CONTACT: September 19, 2016                                                                                                              Patricia Rucker                                                                        


Tax Revenue

An article that appeared in the Charlotte Observer tells an interesting story. According to the headline, despite GOP tax cuts, North Carolina is still "raking in" more tax revenue. The article goes on to say that because of the tax cuts, the state budget went from a projected deficit in 2016 to a surplus. The tax cuts stimulated the state economy and 90,000 new jobs were created. Here in West Virginia we can learn from this. Raising taxes to plug holes in the budget does more harm tha


WV is over regulated…

As we watch government and taxes grow every year in West Virginia, we see our bank accounts and individual liberties shrink and our opportunities for a better life for ourselves and our children diminished. At the recent Eastern Panhandle Business Association forum I was struck by yet another devastating ranking for West Virginia mentioned by several speakers. West Virginia ranks 50th with regard to regulation - making it the most over regulated state in the nation. What we need instead


West Virginia ranked third worst…

This article from Forbes says it all: Using average wages, taxes, cost of living, unemployment rate, and incidents of workplace safety incidents (including illness, injuries, and deaths) for each state, this article ranked the best and worst places to make a living. Sorry to say WV did not fare well, somethi


Limited Government can unlock Unlimited Opportunity

I believe West Virginia’s government is too big and unaccountable to the people. Too many aspects of our daily lives are being dictated by politicians in Charleston. I want to shrink the size of government, returning more control to counties and local communities. As West Virginia struggles and loses population, the government continues to grow. I’ve proposed that the size of state government should be linked to population growth. As a state senator, I won’t forget that all “state money


Won the Republican Primary for State Senate, 16th District!

Thanks to the outpouring of support, help, prayers and votes, Patricia Rucker won the Primary Election on May 10th. Official results are not in, but winning by over a thousand votes, Patricia is now set to take on the Democrat candidate for the 16th District. It is with a grateful heart that Patricia undertakes this responsibility and is eager to hear from more voters so she can know what they would like to see in their state government. Please feel free to contact her through the website


From WV State Attorney General:

For State Senate in Jefferson and Berkeley Counties, I support Patricia Rucker. She has worked with me in the trenches to change our state. She will speak up for the Eastern Panhandle. While there are two fine people running for this position on the Republican side, I ask that you, your friends, and family support Patricia Rucker in the primary election. Rucker's the real deal and will advance conservative values.