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About HB 2007, concerning transgenderism and children

As expected, HB 2007, has generated a lot of attention.  This bill would prohibit certain so-called “gender affirming” treatments regarding children.  This legislation makes common sense.  We protect children from a whole host of things.  We don’t allow children to use tobacco products or to consume alcoholic beverages.  We don’t allow children to vote.  We don’t allow pedophiles to have sexual relations with children.

There is a ratings system in place for movies to protect children from being exposed to certain subjects that they are not capable of understanding.  The concern is that this exposure might have an adverse effect on their development.  If we were to rate transgenderism the way we rate movies, we would have to give it an X rating.  Children are not capable of making these kinds of decisions and we must protect them from making decisions on matters they don’t understand.  Once an individual reaches adulthood, whatever that individual decides regarding this issue, is up to him or her.  It is not appropriate for others to decide which gender needs to be “affirmed” in a child. 

For those that regard “transgender care” as a medical matter I will say this: God does not make mistakes but doctors do.  We can look to the way the medical establishment botched the recent covid response and see that the public’s confidence has been shaken.  And rightfully so. Horrible mistakes are made all the time in the medical arena with devastating consequences. Further, perhaps we should be concerned that there is a transgender industry that is forming and taking shape within the halls of medicine. We might be well served to monitor this possibility.

A child is an innocent gift from God.  It is inconceivable to me that we could allow a child to decide to do something to themselves that is irreversible and has such fundamentally life-changing ramifications and consequences.  It is equally inconceivable that an adult would play God and make these decisions for the child.  With these so-called treatments there are things being done to a child that cannot be undone.  Let kids be kids.  Let them grow up to decide what’s best for how they want to live as adults, when they become adults.