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Happy West Virginia Day!

West Virginia Day, June 20th, 2024. 

June 20th is West Virginia Day.  161 years ago on this date, West Virginia became the first and only state to secede from another state. Virginia had seceded from the Union, but there were certain counties in the western part of the state that formed their own government under Frances Pierpont in Wheeling.  These counties wanted to be part of the Union.  According to Wikipedia: “After two years of legal maneuvering, West Virginia was formally admitted to the United States of America on June 20, 1863 via proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln.”

American tradition refers often to the concept of the “consent of the governed”.  This is a phrase found in the Declaration of Independence.  West Virginia found a way to establish a government by the consent of the governed and did so in peaceful way.  It is ironic that secession of states lead to the Civil War.  In the case of West Virginia secession lead to the creation of our great state.

After our state was admitted into the Union, West Virginia Day was celebrated informally.  In 1927 West Virginia was formally adopted as a state holiday by our legislature. 

Happy Birthday West Virginia.  I’m proud to call you home!