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Legislative Address:
State Capitol, Room W-223
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Have a Blessed Independence Day!

Independence Day is upon us.  It is one of the few holidays that is celebrated on the same date every year: July 4th.   It is an especially important date for me because the independence that we enjoy here as American citizens is something that most people around the world do not get to experience.

I arrived here the United States as a child; my family is originally from Venezuela.  My father was a journalist. During that time Venezuela went through some dramatic changes.  Those changes led to what Venezuela is today: a socialist nation in dire economic straits, whose people have lost most of their rights. 

The civil unrest in our country today is being fomented by the same cultural Marxists that brought down Venezuela.  Most people can see through them.  It is a philosophy motivated by hatred.  It seeks to tear down; to destroy. There is no positive message for the future.   

This Independence Day will be my 20th as an American citizen and I am grateful.  Our nation has the best constitution, the best system of government and the federal structure of our nation provides for extra protections of our rights.  We have 50 sovereign states in America. Take a look around you today and you can see which states have been infested with the scourge of cultural Marxism.  Those are the states where you can see the violence and destruction happening in real time. 

It is an honor to serve as your state senator here in West Virginia.  I believe that we as West Virginians have the moral fortitude to resist the forces plaguing other states.  I look forward to continue to serve you and to work toward making West Virginia the best place on earth to live. 

A happy and blessed Independence Day to all!