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Hope Scholarship is Back!

October 6, 2022 — The WV Supreme Court of Appeals rendered a decision that overturned the injunction that had halted implementation of the Hope Scholarship.  The Hope Scholarship, a major component of the West Virginia school choice program is therefore back on track.  

Said State Senator Patricia Rucker: 

“I am overjoyed today that the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals ruled to dissolve the lower court’s injunction against the Hope Scholarship. With this ruling today, thousands of West Virginia families who were able to take advantage of this program will again be able to pursue the best possible education for their child, regardless of what their socioeconomic status. We believe that educational freedom and choice should be available to all children, not just ones fortunate enough to be able to afford it or live in the correct zip code. I am grateful to the hard work of our Attorney General throughout this case, and I know that West Virginia’s education landscape is now stronger because of his work. Our goal with the Hope Scholarship was to provide the chance for children who were not a good fit in a traditional learning environment to succeed elsewhere.This decision will allow those children to finally have that opportunity. I look forward to seeing this program continue to grow and thrive well into the future.”