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Jefferson County Passes Resolution Supporting SB 657

The Jefferson County Commission passed a resolution in support of Senate Bill 657 that will help Harpers Ferry get the help it needs to get Hilltop House built. It’s a wonderful thing when the community unites around a project and stands together to make things happen.  I’m proud to have been the lead sponsor on the bill.  

Thank you to the Jefferson County Commission!  

Here’s the text of the resolution: 



Whereas, Senate Bill 657, referred to as the “Tourism Development District Act” was introduced by Senator Patricia Rucker, R-Jefferson County, WV;

Whereas, Senate Bill 657, through the creation of tourism development districts, will permit the West Virginia Department of Commerce to assist qualifying tourism development projects;

Whereas, the Hilltop House Hotel project in Harpers Ferry would be a project eligible for potential assistance under the provisions of Senate Bill 657;

Whereas, completion of the Hilltop House Hotel would be in Harpers Ferry’s, Jefferson County’s, and West Virginia’s economic interests;

Whereas, Senate Bill 657 limits the number of tourism districts to no more than 5 districts throughout state of West Virginia, thereby restricting the state’s ability to remove projects from local authority;

Whereas, the Harpers Ferry Hilltop House Hotel has the potential to create 217 total jobs throughout the state of West Virginia;

Whereas Jefferson County currently accounts for twenty percent of the total economic impact of tourism to the State of West Virginia, generating over 160 million in tax receipts to the State;

Whereas, the Hilltop House Hotel has the potential to increase Jefferson County’s tourism economy, with the possibility to generate over 4.6 million in taxes locally;

Whereas, passage of Senate Bill 657 will ensure that the Hilltop House Hotel, and other similar projects in the State, are developed creating jobs and revenue with a positive impact on the budgets of state and local governments;

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the County Commission of Jefferson County strongly supports Senate Bill 657 and requests that all Legislators support it in the interest of economic prosperity of Jefferson County and the State of West Virginia.