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Something to help with sheltering in place – for the kids

A home fitness program for kids…

Because of the Covid 19 emergency, West Virginia schools are closed and school children are now forced to shelter in place at home.  I am concerned that our children may not be getting the exercise and physical activity they need to stay healthy.  Concerned businesses and individuals have stepped up to fill the need for a program to help kids stay in shape while they shelter in place at home. 

The great people at Accept the Challenge have developed a program called Operation Tone Up “Health First”.  I am working with them, in tandem with civic minded individuals and businesses to bring this program to as many West Virginia kids as we can – for free – without the use of taxpayer dollars.  Operation Tone Up is an interactive-online fitness and nutrition program designed to combat childhood obesity and other conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. Accept the Challenge will provide license keys to access the program at cost.

Concerned citizens have made funds available so that the program is available on a first come first serve basis to West Virginia residents for free.  Participants will have unlimited access to the interactive-online program for a period of three months, at which point they can continue to participate at the reduced cost or apply for an additional free license to the program – subject to availability on a first come first serve basis. 

The program does all the teaching, includes pre and post testing with weekly reports and quizzes, structured aerobic exercise and nutrition lessons, a nutrient calculator and a daily journal.  No extra equipment is needed.

It is also available to teachers. 

To apply for a free license (available on a first come first serve basis)…OR…if you are interested in becoming a sponsor…..please follow this link:

Physical activity is good for the mind, body and spirit!