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On this Memorial Day……

  Memorial Day is about honoring sacrifice.  To the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice you deserve our eternal gratitude.  We need to follow up your actions with a commitment to preserve the freedom you gave everything for.  Today we are facing battles on all fronts. The times we live in are volatile in the extreme.  We need to come together to face to meet the challenges ahead.  It will take some sacrifice, but nothing can compare to the sacrifices made by the men and wo


Regarding the WV Chamber of Commerce Legislative Ratings……..

At least for this year the WV Chamber of Commerce legislative scores are clearly rigged against Conservatives.  For the Chamber to conclude that the Democrats are more business friendly than I and my fellow conservatives is laughable.  It is clear that there is an underlying agenda in the bills selected to be scored as well as their sudden new interest in "legislative qualities" and "business engagement".  These are new for the Chamber.     In the past my ratings have been 90% and up and


About HB 2007, concerning transgenderism and children

As expected, HB 2007, has generated a lot of attention.  This bill would prohibit certain so-called “gender affirming” treatments regarding children.  This legislation makes common sense.  We protect children from a whole host of things.  We don’t allow children to use tobacco products or to consume alcoholic beverages.  We don’t allow children to vote.  We don’t allow pedophiles to have sexual relations with children. There is a ratings system in place for movies to protect chi


Press release regarding Senator Rucker’s vote on HB2882

Press Release----Charleston, WV, February 15, 2023.  Senator Rucker on why she voted no.... "HB 2882 has drawn considerable controversy and discussion.  Unfortunately both sides have alleged things that may not be completely substantiated.  What we do know is that HB2882 includes funds for a development project in Weirton, WV that is different than other economic development incentives we have done in the past.  I have supported every economic development project I have had a chance to vote


Happy New Year!

From my family to yours, I'm wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year!  I'm praying that the coming year of 2023 is better than 2022 for all of us.  Please celebrate responsibly 


Merry Christmas

My family and I would like to wish you and your family a blessed Christmas as we celebrate celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Now more than ever we need to pray for his grace and guidance.    


I’m Withdrawing From Consideration for Senate President

November 22, 2022 Back in early September, I announced that I want to be the President of the West Virginia State Senate.  I still do.  In my September 8th press release, I gave these reasons for running for that position: “I believe that the people of our state expect more from a super majority Republican led legislature and so do I. We are now at an inflection point where the momentum is stalling. We are squandering our opportunities.  In the recent special session we literally got nothi


Early Voting Has Started

Now that early voting has started, I want to stress again how important it is for us to vote "YES" to the 4 amendments to the West Virginia constitution that are on the ballot.   It is so hard to get amendments on the ballot, we may not get this opportunity again.  So please vote "YES" for all four amendments.  And vote Republican!  


A Yes Vote for Amendment 4 is a Vote for Accountability for Our Schools

I am surprised at the controversy that has surrounded Amendment 4. There are a total of four constitutional amendments that will appear on the ballot during this General Election. Each of these started as a Joint Resolution that had to pass both houses of the Legislature with a two-thirds majority. This alone indicates that there is broad-based support for each one, but these amendments to our Constitution do not take effect until the citizens of West Virginia vote to approve them.  Now that E


Hope Scholarship is Back!

October 6, 2022 --- The WV Supreme Court of Appeals rendered a decision that overturned the injunction that had halted implementation of the Hope Scholarship.  The Hope Scholarship, a major component of the West Virginia school choice program is therefore back on track.   Said State Senator Patricia Rucker:  “I am overjoyed today that the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals ruled to dissolve the lower court’s injunction against the Hope Scholarship. With this ruling today, thousands