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I’m Withdrawing From Consideration for Senate President

November 22, 2022 Back in early September, I announced that I want to be the President of the West Virginia State Senate.  I still do.  In my September 8th press release, I gave these reasons for running for that position: “I believe that the people of our state expect more from a super majority Republican led legislature and so do I. We are now at an inflection point where the momentum is stalling. We are squandering our opportunities.  In the recent special session we literally got nothi


Early Voting Has Started

Now that early voting has started, I want to stress again how important it is for us to vote "YES" to the 4 amendments to the West Virginia constitution that are on the ballot.   It is so hard to get amendments on the ballot, we may not get this opportunity again.  So please vote "YES" for all four amendments.  And vote Republican!  


A Yes Vote for Amendment 4 is a Vote for Accountability for Our Schools

I am surprised at the controversy that has surrounded Amendment 4. There are a total of four constitutional amendments that will appear on the ballot during this General Election. Each of these started as a Joint Resolution that had to pass both houses of the Legislature with a two-thirds majority. This alone indicates that there is broad-based support for each one, but these amendments to our Constitution do not take effect until the citizens of West Virginia vote to approve them.  Now that E


Hope Scholarship is Back!

October 6, 2022 --- The WV Supreme Court of Appeals rendered a decision that overturned the injunction that had halted implementation of the Hope Scholarship.  The Hope Scholarship, a major component of the West Virginia school choice program is therefore back on track.   Said State Senator Patricia Rucker:  “I am overjoyed today that the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals ruled to dissolve the lower court’s injunction against the Hope Scholarship. With this ruling today, thousands


I’m Running for President of the West Virginia Senate. Here’s Why…

  I am running for President of the West Virginia State Senate because I believe that we have a window of opportunity right now to do great things for our state.  As the Chair of the West Virginia Senate Education Committee I worked with my colleagues to get difficult legislation passed.  West Virginia is now a leader in education reform and innovation.  We've gotten a lot of good things done for our state in recent years, but we cannot rest on our laurels. I believe that the people of our


About HB 302…….

  I've been getting a lot of questions about West Virginia's response to the Supreme Court's Dobbs Decision, overturning Roe v Wade.  It is HB 302.  I voted against it and this article explains why.    


Our National Nightmare is Over

Yesterday the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case. The ruling overturns Roe v. Wade and effectively removes the federal government from the abortion debate turning it back over to the individual states where it belongs. West Virginia already has statutes that protect the unborn. These statutes that represent the will of the majority of West Virginians will now be able to return to their full effect and original intent.


Senator Patricia Rucker: Interview On School Choice

Last month I was interviewed on the Ricochet Audio Network by Cara Candal and Gerard Robinson on their show: The Learning Curve.  It is Episode #88 from May 25th.  The name of the Episode is: WV State Sen. Patricia Puertas Rucker on Universal School Choice And you can link to it here: The interview begins at the 13:30 mark.  I really enjoyed participating in this interview and I


Memorial Day

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day.  This holiday is uniquely American.  On this day we honor those who made the ultimately sacrifice in service to our nation. The day looks perfect for spending time outdoors with family and friends.  As we enjoy this great holiday we should remember those great patriots who gave their lives to ensure that we are free to enjoy this day.  I will be saying a prayer thanking those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us.  The United States of America


Martin Luther King Jr

Today we celebrate the life of a man of courage.  He was a man of God and he wasn't afraid to speak out about things that matter. He had a dream and he paid the ultimate price for it.  If he were alive today I'm sure that Martin Luther King Jr would be saddened by the divisions that currently exist in our society.  We owe it to ourselves to make our dreams a reality.  My dream is that we can all work together to make our world, our nation and our state a better place.